Raising Money the Easy Way

Using easyfundraising is just about the simplest way to raise money for the synchro club. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, read on…

How does easyfundraising work?

Easyfundraising work with over 2000 retailers who have all agreed to pass a donation to the cause you choose when you shop with them. The donation is usually a percentage of how much you spend with them but it can also be a set amount, such as £30 for a new car insurance policy from Aviva.

Their retailers include Amazon, M&S, Boden, John Lewis, Argos and 2000 other well known names.

What do you need to do to raise money?

  1. Follow this link and register. This only requires an email and password.
  2. Follow the registration instructions. If you used the link above, Basingstoke Synchronised Skating Club should already be selected as your cause.
  3. Then you just go shopping, clicking via the site before you go onto the shop you wish to purchase from.

To raise money, instead of going directly to the retailer website, log into easyfundraising first and click on the retailer you want to shop with. You’ll then be taken to the retailer’s website where you shop as you would normally. But because you visited easyfundraising first, your cause gets a donation. It really is that simple.

What’s the catch?

No catch. Whatever you buy costs exactly the same as it would if you visited the retailer site directly. They don’t take any financial information from you as all your transactions are with the retailer. They won’t sell your information on and they won’t spam you. And it doesn’t cost you or the club anything.

How do the causes get the donations?

Every three months easyfundraising total up how much the supporters of our club have raised and providing it is over £15, they send the club a cheque. If the amount raised is less than £15, we just carry it forward to the next cheque-run.

So go for it…..use easyfundraising next time you shop.